Mask for Mask
A debut full-length poetry collection.
Publication Date: March 1, 2021.
Publisher: New Rivers Press (Minnesota State University Moorhead)

JD Scott conjures up unruly personae that are propelled by lust and longing, queer fantasies, youthful regrets, incantations, parables, and wounds that refuse to be healed. Mask for Mask is relentlessly imaginative—not only with its formal innovations—but with its multifarious and nefarious lexicons that explode into ecstatic glossolalia.

Mask for Mask channels something between Tiger Beat magazine, Polari, cryptophasia, hook-up app msgs, a LiveJournal, Bible stories, queer zines, a D&D campaign, and a diabolical grimoire. Mask for Mask creates a language of queer trials & failures, of shibboleths, of survivorship—and desire—above all else. It the performance of the physical body & the fantasy that goes beyond the limits of embodiment.

Many of the poems from this collection appear in print and online magazines and are catalogued on the Poetry page.