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The Stoicheion collection is a limited batch of perfumes based on the mystique of the four Classical elements. Perfume, like poetry, can be ambiguous, imaginative, fantastical, associative, transcendent, and deeply tied to personal mythology and memory. Each perfume is $18 (price includes shipping/handling for US/domestic—please query about Int’l sales via email) for a 5ml roller bottle.


A green-and-marine gourmand. A farmers market by the bay. A pier lined with tents, crates of salts, sugars, spices, crystals. Sea glass bottles containing rum, absinthe, black currant cordial. Crops from the dank earth line the tables, freshly: densuke melons, cucumber, ginger root, fresh clove flower buds. The sweet soil still touches their unwashed roots.


A fresh, marine chypre. Sea spray blown against marram grass. A beach house painted haint blue, trimmed with the mantle of Mary Magdalene. Cedar driftwood covered in moss. An impossible grove of citrus trees growing in the sand by the shore. Ghosts of drowned sailors haunting the foam.


An intense, wispy balsamic, with charred wood quickly rising into the air as smoke. Fading. An outdoor flea in the middle of an asphalt lot. July. The tires of cars arriving, stalling, parking, driving away back into the summer heat. Burnt rubber. The high-noon sun melts handmade candles. Frankincense burns beside smoking jackets, tobacco pipes, vinyl chairs. A single antique lamp, unplugged: the glass of its lightbulb hot to the fingertips.


A floral gourmand moving through the breeze. A cocktail soiree set high in the mountains. Fresh fruit and wildflower bouquets spread out on a table. Seductive laughter, voices in play. Tuberose and ylang ylang stems sit in tiny jars brimming with alcohol. Rosewood. Jellies and spreads. Vials of lavender syrup, fresh pink grapefruit slices. A crème of geranium, gardenia, and jasmine poured over clear ice.