Writer | Poet | Maker


Hi, my name is JD Scott. I am not the third Property Brother, but I do hope to one day star in my own HGTV show.

My writing has been described as “dark and playful” + “lyric nonpareil” + “eccentric and imaginative” + “fabulist” + “magical and occultish” + “absurdist” + “secretive” + “experimental” + “full of something ominous, wolf-like lurking” + “possessing a graphic, id-like, roaming eye to look at political issues usually spoken about somberly” + “trying to make sense of the senseless, to explain the unexplainable” + “complex and ambitious” + “in love with inertia.” Wow!

I write poems and short stories, and I’m working on my first novel. I’m the author of two poetry chapbooks. I’m currently trying to find a home for both my first full-length poetry manuscript and my first short story collection. I’m seeking representation for both my short story collection & my in-progress novel. I am also a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Alabama.

I edit AADOREE. In the past, I ran a magazine called Moonshot, and I also worked as both an associate editor and design editor for Black Warrior Review. I also worked for Joyland, as the Senior Editor of The South.

I have a mean DIY streak and sometimes make my own perfumes in limited batches.

I ran a reading series out of Tuscaloosa called Sacred Grove. Before that, I co-coordinated an annual all-day megareading each summer in Brooklyn called POPSICKLE.

If you’re interested in other accolades, interviews, press, etc. or IRL events where I perform my work, give talks, or teach workshops, I got you covered.